Corleone Leonberger: Elite Breeder of Leonbergers in Quebec for over 25 years

Passion and expertise at the service of the Leonberger

For over 25 years, Corleone Leonberger has distinguished itself as an elite breeder of Leonbergers in Quebec. Guided by love and respect for animals, we are committed to offering exceptional quality dogs, both in terms of health and temperament.

Core values

Our approach to breeding is based on core values that guide each of our actions:

  • Love and respect for animals:: Our dogs are an integral part of our family and live in a warm and stimulating environment. Their well-being is our absolute priority.
  • Rigorous selection of breeders: We meticulously select our breeders to ensure health, stable temperament, and compliance with breed standards.
  • A passion for the Leonberger breed: We are driven by a deep passion for Leonbergers and willingly share our knowledge and expertise with lovers of this magnificent breed.


At Corleone Leonberger, our dogs are not just beautiful, they are also part of the family. Our Leonberger breeding stock is carefully selected for their health, gentle temperament, and adherence to breed standards.

  • Loving and Loyal Parents: Our breeding Leonbergers love cuddles and are incredibly patient with children.
  • Health and Well-being: The health of our dogs is our top priority. They undergo genetic testing and receive regular veterinary care.
  • Breed Champions: Our Leonberger breeding stock has participated in dog shows and won prestigious titles.

Thanks to their exceptional lineage, our breeding stock passes on their strength, beauty, and kindness to their offspring.


Looking for a loving and loyal Leonberger puppy?

Reserve your puppy now! We are expecting litters of Leonbergers in the coming months.

Our puppies are raised with love and care in a family environment. They are socialized from a young age and receive all the necessary care to become happy and healthy dogs

relation entre un leonberger et les humains