History of the leonberger

The history of the Leonberger takes us back to the German town of the same name in the mid-19th century. It was here that a certain Heinrich Essiga local councillor, played a key role in the creation of this breed.

The dream of a tamed lion

  • Essig wanted to develop a dog resembling a lion, a symbol of strength and royalty.
  • He had initially envisaged an all-white dog, but eventually settled on a more varied coat.

Ancestors from elsewhere:

  • We don't know the exact breeds Essig used, but we assume he crossed mountain dogs:
    • Landseer black and white
    • Powerful, long-haired Saint Bernard
    • Maybe even the Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  • These sturdy dogs were already appreciated for their as guard and draft dogs. usefulness as guard and draft dogs.

A Growing Breed:

  • The first Leonbergers were presented at exhibitions in 1846, arousing curiosity.
  • The breed gained popularity in Germany and Europe in the late 19th century, first as a versatile farm dogthen as a companion dog.
  • The first official standard for the Leonberger was not established until 1895 by Albert Kull.

A Gentle Giant with a Lion's Coat:

  • Despite its impressive appearance, the Leonberger is known for its gentle, loyal, and affectionate nature. gentle, loyal and affectionate..
  • It is an intelligent and sociable dog, appreciated for its calm demeanor and attachment to its family.

Today, the Leonberger is a popular companion dog, appreciated for its beauty and temperament.

Portrait d'un Leonberger au regard doux